The German Amazon Marketplace – a success story

Chart Development German Amazon Marketplace

The net sales revenue of, Inc. goes up like a ramp. In 2004, it was 6.92 billion USD. 14 years later, in 2018, it was 232.89 billion USD – 55 billion USD more than in 2017 and almost 100 billion USD more than in 2016 (Source: Amazon). And Germany? After the United States Amazon Germany ( generates the highest net sales on the country level. In 2018, it was almost 20 billion USD – 5 billion USD more than the United Kingdom which came in third (Source: Amazon).

This is the result of an impressive development in the last years: In 2015 Amazon Germany contributed 11,82 billion USD, in 2016 14,15 billion USD and in 2017 16,95 billion USD – an increase of 2 to 3 billion USD per year.

If you look at the development of the German Amazon Marketplace compared to Amazon’s own sales in Germany you can see a shift in weight: since 2015, more and more revenues come from the Marketplace – and the spread is increasing (Source: IFH).

According to a current publication, Amazon represents 46 % of the German online shopping. These 46 % can be divided into 21 % for and 25 % for the Marketplace (Source: HDE/IFH). Or in other words: one out of four Euros in online shopping in the growing German online market is made on the Amazon Marketplace. An imposing figure.

This appealing market attracts sellers from everywhere in the world: in 2017 more than 75.000 new sellers joined the German Amazon Marketplace (Source: Wortfilter). And even if only a third of those sellers actually sold products on the marketplace the trend becomes obvious: the German Amazon Marketplace is a good place to go – for customers and sellers.

Daniel Hampe, 26 February 2019

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