Exkurs: Sponsoring - Erinnerungen an staathilfe.de

I_love_Fundraising.jpgBis Ende 2018 habe ich mit staathilfe.de die größte deutsche Webseite zum Public Sponsoring (d.h. zum Sponsoring in Kommunen, Ministerien und öffentlichen Einrichtungen) betrieben. Im Zusammenhang mit einer aktuellen Publikation, an der ich mitwirken durfte, habe ich mich entschieden, hier noch einmal einige staathilfe.de Artikel zu veröffentlichen.

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What makes us Germans tick - and buy your products? A quick guide for sellers on the German Amazon Marketplace

German FlagOnline shopping in Germany has shown an incredible development in the last years with annual increases of 3 – 5 billion Euros in net-sales. And the German Amazon Marketplace is a substantial driver of this development as one out of four Euros in German online shopping is made here (more...).

If you are a seller from abroad with attractive products and services there is a good chance that you can participate in this dynamic growth. But to get the most out of the German Amazon Marketplace, you need to adapt to the market. You need to adapt to Germany. And this means that you need to know what makes us Germans tick.

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The German Amazon Marketplace – a success story

Chart Development German Amazon Marketplace

The net sales revenue of Amazon.com, Inc. goes up like a ramp. In 2004, it was 6.92 billion USD. 14 years later, in 2018, it was 232.89 billion USD – 55 billion USD more than in 2017 and almost 100 billion USD more than in 2016 (Source: Amazon). And Germany? After the United States Amazon Germany (www.amazon.de) generates the highest net sales on the country level. In 2018, it was almost 20 billion USD – 5 billion USD more than the United Kingdom which came in third (Source: Amazon).

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